Melokid Advance Initiative

Through the Melokid Advance Initiative, you may qualify to access your future streaming royalties, providing vital support for the next phase in your music career.

Advance is not a Record Deal

Melokid Advance Initiative is about empowering artists to maintain their independence and creative control over their music. You retain 100% of your copyrights, keeping your master rights and publishing, and preserving complete control over your vision.

If you're seeking a Record Deal with major labels, Melokid can introduce your music to them under specific conditions. Explore our promotion plans, MelExplode+ and MelExplode Conquer, as well as our distribution RECORD DEAL PLAN to learn more.

Follow these steps to apply for Melokid Advance Initiative

1. First, ensure you have an active Melokid account with a streaming history. Then, log in and complete the application form if you meet the eligibility criteria.
2. The Melokid team will review your application, and if it’s approved, we may request additional data, including access to your Spotify for Artists account, to conduct a more in‑depth analysis of your performance metrics.

5. Your advance is gradually deducted from your royalty earnings each month until it’s fully paid off. You can easily track your repayment progress through your Melokid payment dashboard.

4. After you’ve accepted the offer, the payment will be deposited into your account within 7 days.
3. We’ll reach out to you to share an offer document, which will detail the advance amount and the associated terms.

Unlock the opportunity to get advances on your future revenue

Who is eligible for pre-selection? To qualify for pre-selection, you must have earned a minimum of 999€ in the past 12 months. Your advance amounts are always tailored to your historical earnings to ensure affordability. Qualification for an advance is based on your sales history and sales projections through Melokid's digital distribution. Meeting these criteria does not guarantee advance approval. Request an advance to find out if you are eligible.

Repayment Process

We deduct the advance amount from your incoming sales revenue before it's credited to your account. As soon as your advance is fully repaid, your sales will continue to accumulate. Your advance will be repaid using revenue generated from streams, downloads, and YouTube Content ID.

Managing Music Removal and Sales Reports

While you have an outstanding balance from your advance, you won't be able to remove any releases from your account. You will continue to receive sales reports, but your account's balance history will show payments made toward your advance.

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