Boost Your Instagram Reels Engagement: Avoid TikTok Watermarks for Better Algorithmic Promotion

Videos with a TikTok watermark are not typically favored by Instagram Reels algorithms, leading to less visibility on the platform. Try avoiding that. Tailor your videos specifically for each platform to maximize reach and engagement everywhere.

Videos with a TikTok watermark are not favored by the Instagram Reels algorithms, which means they may not receive as much promotion and visibility on the platform. It’s important to note that Instagram and TikTok are separate platforms with their own unique features and algorithms.

If you want to maximize your reach and engagement on Instagram Reels, it is recommended to create original content specifically for the platform without including TikTok watermarks. By doing so, you increase the chances of your videos being promoted by the algorithms and reaching a wider audience on Instagram.

Creating fresh and unique content tailored to the platform you are using is key to optimizing your visibility and engagement. This allows you to leverage the specific features and preferences of each platform to effectively promote your content and engage with your audience. 

Instagram’s Updated Best Practices Aim to Promote Engaging Reels

Focus on Vertical Videos and Trendsetting, while Discouraging TikTok Watermarks. Instagram has introduced new guidelines to assist creators in producing content that is ‘more likely to be promoted’ on the platform. The guidance emphasizes creating Reels as vertical videos and initiating trends that have the potential to go viral.

TikTok has already witnessed numerous viral trends, such as Fleetwood Mac skateboarding, sea shanty singing, and even a Broadway-style adaptation of Pixar’s Ratatouille. Instagram desires to join in on the trend and is refining its feed accordingly. Reels containing excessive text, blurriness, watermarks, or logos will receive less visibility in the Explore feed.

Instagram is determined to prevent Reels from becoming mere advertisements for TikTok. An Instagram spokesperson stated, ‘We are leveraging our insights from Explore to recommend enjoyable and entertaining videos in the Reels tab, providing a personalized experience. Our algorithms are improving in identifying ranking signals that predict the entertainment value of a reel and determine its recommendation status.

Instagram Acknowledges User Preference and Reduces Visibility of TikTok Watermarked Content on Reels

Instagram has recognized that its users are less inclined to engage with recycled content featuring a TikTok watermark. As a result, such content will be de-prioritized and will not appear as frequently in other users’ feeds unless they follow the original creator. With six months of Reels’ availability in the United States, Instagram has gathered substantial data on user preferences.

Initially, Instagram Reels welcomed TikTok watermarked content to populate its platform. However, the perspective has now changed.

Instagram aims for Reels to become the primary platform for uploading short-form videos, rather than a mere alternative. Melokid recommends that you create your content on both Instagram and TikTok platforms. Finally, you must choose which social media platform to prioritize for your ads.

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