Spotify’s New Royalty Model

Spotify is overhauling its royalty model to combat streaming fraud and establish a minimum payment threshold. The strategy involves redirecting $1 billion in payouts toward “working artists” over the next five years.

How to add lyrics : Distribute your lyrics everywhere using Musixmatch

To boost engagement with your listeners and foster connections with your fans, it’s crucial to have your lyrics on Spotify. The availability and synchronization of your lyrics with your music not only contribute to the global image of your artistic universe but also serve as an essential element in music creation. For some artists, lyrics have taken center stage, with lyric videos gaining popularity on YouTube, indie artists producing lyric books, and merchandise featuring lyrics on the rise. If you’re seeking to enhance your Spotify engagement and connect with your fans, this article will guide you on becoming a verified artist on Musixmatch to add lyrics to Spotify.

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