How to add lyrics : Distribute your lyrics everywhere using Musixmatch

To boost engagement with your listeners and foster connections with your fans, it's crucial to have your lyrics on Spotify. The availability and synchronization of your lyrics with your music not only contribute to the global image of your artistic universe but also serve as an essential element in music creation. For some artists, lyrics have taken center stage, with lyric videos gaining popularity on YouTube, indie artists producing lyric books, and merchandise featuring lyrics on the rise. If you're seeking to enhance your Spotify engagement and connect with your fans, this article will guide you on becoming a verified artist on Musixmatch to add lyrics to Spotify.

Add lyrics to Spotify and become a verified artist on Musixmatch

Musixmatch enables users to search for and share song lyrics, serving as Spotify’s official partner for licensing and syncing lyrics globally. The initial step in adding lyrics to Spotify involves becoming a verified artist on the Musixmatch platform. Click on this link to sign up as either an artist or an artist manager. If you want to do it all by yourself, you can also sign up for a free version. You’ll need to provide some personal information and select your role in the project by checking relevant boxes. The onboarding process is simple and takes only a few minutes to finish. Musixmatch will verify your profile within just a couple of days.

After becoming a verified artist, your releases will appear in the music section of your artist profile. In case you don’t find songs that are already on streaming platforms, click on the “Add missing release” link at the bottom of the page. For each song, you’ll encounter three main tasks: Lyrics, Sync, and Credits. Begin by adding your lyrics to the song while adhering to these text guidelines for proper formatting. Musixmatch provides comprehensive guidelines for perfectly formatting your lyrics and adding translations. Alternatively, you can follow the virtual assistant on the right-hand side of the lyrics page while typing to receive format suggestions or catch errors.

Transcribe and synchronize lyrics correctly

When transcribing your lyrics, consider it as if you’re preparing a karaoke version of your song to ensure ease for your listeners. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Write the lyrics in their native language; translations can be added later.
  2. Type all sung or spoken words, avoiding the use of multipliers (e.g., x2) or titles (e.g., verse, chorus).
  3. Utilize hashtags to identify song structures, placing them before sections on separate lines (e.g., #INTRO, #HOOK, #VERSE).
  4. For instrumental sections lasting more than 5 seconds, use #INSTRUMENTAL.
  5. Enclose backing vocals in parentheses.
  6. If another artist is featured, refrain from including their name in the lyrics; handle this in the credits section.
  7. Include ooh’s, aah’s, and other relevant sounds if they play a significant role in the song’s lyrics.

Once you’ve entered your lyrics, you can synchronize them in real-time with your song. This can be done using either the Musixmatch desktop or mobile app. The mobile app offers the advantage of syncing your lyrics word by word, aligning them in real time with the song. On the desktop version, the syncing is done line by line. After submitting the sync, it may take up to 24 hours for it to reflect on Spotify.

After submitting your lyrics and sync, be sure to include credits for your song. In the credits section, acknowledge all contributors to the project, such as songwriters, producers, and musicians. Utilize the dropdown menu to select tags, crediting each individual for their specific role or roles in the song.

With Musixmatch, your lyrics are not only integrated into Spotify but are also accessible on the following platforms: Apple Music, Instagram, Amazon Music, Tidal, Shazam, YouTube Music, Google search results, Bing search results, Jio Saavn and Yandex.

Utilizing Musixmatch is incredibly user-friendly and an excellent means to showcase your lyrics. Connecting with your fans and having them sing along has never been easier! Moreover, displaying your lyrics when a listener clicks on your song in Spotify has proven to significantly enhance engagement. After incorporating the lyrics feature into your songs, make sure to take advantage of understanding Spotify’s new royalty model.

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