New Promo Tool Alert: Spotify Marquee!

Great news! Spotify Marquee is now available to teams based in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. If you’re a Spotify Premium user, you might have noticed a new banner popping up when you open the app, suggesting new music. That’s Spotify’s latest advertising platform for artists, called Marquee.

Right now, the mobile banner is the only way for artists to reach listeners directly on the paid platform. It’s also the only re-marketing tool that lets you reconnect with past, present, and even algorithmically suggested listeners. When someone taps on a Marquee, they can save your music or go straight to your new release to stream and discover more of your work. So, how can you get in on this? You can book and manage Marquee campaigns right from your Spotify For Artists account. Happy promoting!

Who Can Use Marquee and Why it’s Great for Artists

Marquee helps artists build brand awareness from day one of a release (or later, depending on your marketing strategy). It’s easy to use—you don’t need a degree in advertising to get started. It’s also budget-friendly, with campaigns starting at just $150 and the flexibility to pause anytime, which makes it affordable for most artists and effective for reaching music lovers. Plus, it offers re-marketing features, letting you engage with those Spotify followers you’ve worked hard to attract. There are some requirements you’ll need to meet to use Marquee. You need to have at least 5,000 streams over 28 days or more than 1,000 followers in at least one market. Also, at least half the songs in a promoted album should be new to Spotify (so you can’t re-promote an entire album if most of the songs are already on Spotify). The minimum budget for a campaign is a $150, though your actual spend might vary based on your audience size, and you can stop your campaign at any time.

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New Promo Tool Alert: Spotify Marquee!

Why are some countries unavailable for Marquee campaigns?

If you’re trying to set up a Marquee campaign but some countries aren’t listed, there could be a few reasons for that. One reason might be that there aren’t enough listeners in that country to make targeting effective. Another possibility is that your release is considered a re-release, which means at least half the songs have been on Spotify before. This might include remixes, compilations, karaoke tracks, soundalikes, remasters, or re-recordings. Sometimes, a country won’t be available because a campaign has already been scheduled there, or if more than 18 days have passed since your release went live in that region. It’s also possible that the country just isn’t open for Marquee campaigns yet. If you’ve just released a new song or are about to and you’re excited to kick off your first Marquee campaign, it’s good to know what the timeline looks like. Marquee campaigns can start as late as 21 days after your release date, so you have some flexibility. To ensure everything runs smoothly, make sure to deliver your new release to Spotify at least 8 business days before the release date. This way, you’ll have enough time to set up your campaign and reach your audience effectively.

Guide to Use Spotify Marquee

To start using Spotify Marquee, first, go to the Campaign tab in your Spotify For Artists account. Look for the ‘Create Campaign’ button next to the release you want to promote and click it. If you haven’t already, add your payment method to cover the cost of the campaign. Next, choose the country where you want to target your ads—just keep in mind that you can only pick one country per campaign. Be sure you’ve met the requirements for the country you choose, which we mentioned earlier. After that, confirm the URI of your release and set the start date for your campaign. You can also personalize the ad by choosing the background color. Now it’s time to customize your audience. You can pick specific listener groups to target, but make sure there are enough people in each group to meet the campaign requirements. If there aren’t, Spotify will prompt you to add more audience groups until the criteria are met. For more guidance, check out the additional tips provided. Once you’ve set up your audience, add your budget and review your campaign details. Make any final tweaks before scheduling your campaign. Just remember that you can make changes up to one day before your campaign is set to start. And that’s it—you’re ready to go!

Tips to Maximize Your Spotify Marquee Campaign

Here are some handy pointers to help you get the most out of your Marquee campaign, along with advice on when and how to use it. Marketing: Bright colors grab attention. When you’re picking a background color for your ad, go for light or bright hues. They tend to stand out much more than muted or neutral tones. Everyone’s Different: Every artist has their own release strategy, depending on their goals. If you want to make a big splash right away, launch your Marquee campaign on the release day and sync it with your other marketing efforts. But if you’d rather give your campaign a boost after some time has passed, start it a few days or even weeks after the release date.

For fans across the globe: If you have a diverse audience, think about customizing your target markets. If you’re strong in your local scene, you might opt for a remarketing campaign to reach your existing fans. Want to break into a new area? Let Spotify’s algorithm work its magic to find new listeners. Keep an Eye on Analytics: It’s always good to monitor how your release is performing. If it’s not getting the traction you hoped for, remember that you have up to 21 days after the release date to start your Marquee campaign and give it a second wind. And if you’re curious about how well your campaign is doing, we’ve got a comprehensive 8-page document that breaks down all the details for you. Dive in and happy promoting!

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